Find element in unordered list by predicate

Assume we have an unordered list of objects and we want to find particular element based on the predicate.
As elements can appear in any order, we cannot use any search algorithms, we have to iterate over all the elements in the collection.
Let’s check what are the ways of finding such element.

Hexagonal Architecture example

In this tutorial we will create simple Spring application based on the Hexagonal Architecture (also called as ports and adapters). This concept is focused on separating implementation of business rules from technical details, it is very flexible and doesn’t require specific implementation (like naming of the modules , classes, adapters and so on).
You can use this example as template to start with your own application.

Gradle – reading from Maven local repository

In this short post we will see how to use Maven local repository as a source of dependencies.
This approach can be useful during local development, when for some reasons the same dependencies are needed by projects managed by different build automation tools.